LIGHTING, DJ, PARTY, DISCO, ETC LIGHTS!!! (traffic lights!!)

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LIGHTING, DJ, PARTY, DISCO, ETC LIGHTS!!! (traffic lights!!)

Postby Bubs » Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:46 pm

hey everyone,

bit of an unusual lot of stuff to advertise i know but i've been DJing for a couple years now and just looking to sell off the stuff i'm no longer using. So if you have a party coming up or want to deck out your room - don't know, it could be a teenager thing ha ha - this is perfect for it ha ha. Anyway below is a heap of stuff i have for sale with some prices and what i want for the lot. Maybe you'll see something you want there, i don't know, but the more places i advertise the more likely i am to sell!!! Need to money to keep my car going. Probably best if you came round to see it all working if interested - hard to explain really.

Traffic lights: yes a real set of traffic lights, have all the shades and everything. Even pretty nice for the shed or workshop. They are wired to a standard 240V connection with each light on a separate lead. I now have four other sets and just have no need for this lot. they are a bit different however because i've modified them to have four lights (2 red lights) as the controller i had was four channels. but that can be fixed back to the standard if you want. anyway looking for around the $100 mark as i've have had a couple other sets sell for around the $150 mark - just need them gone though!!!

Chaser lighting box controller: this is what i used to control the traffic lights. each light plugs into a separate channel and then the box just plugs into a standard power point. the box then has a dial to adjust how quickly the lights change and even an inbuilt microphone which can be turned up so the traffic lights will change in sequence with music. would be looking probably around $80-$90 (as brand new they are close to $200)

Strobe light: this is the one that flashes really quickly and bright to make you look like your doing the robot. its a home made one which is quite good actually, has variable speed etc. not looking for much so probably around $20.

Rope light: there are three bundles, each about 3 or 4m long.Two blue ones and one yellow/orange all wired to 240V. Probably see them go for around $10 each. $25 for the lot.

Disco balls: there's two of these - many colours. $15 each or both for $25 and their yours.

Traffic lights and chaser together (as these are sort of a complete set up): $170.

EVERYTHING: $230 for the lot... fair price i think. there's quite a lot there. i actually sold everything for $235 to someone who was having a new years party but then the party got canceled and they no longer needed it all. Anyway, maybe there's someone out there who wouldn't mind the traffic light set up or any of the other stuff... if your even slightly interested, i would highly recommend coming round to see it all working as it's very difficult to describe! Details below or send me a PM...


Mobile: 0437 032 268
Home: 8373 0003 (ask for Hamish about lighting gear for sale)

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