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Can a standard 2TG be put into a TA22 without permission..?

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:33 pm
by 1972_flatlight
Hi Guys and Girls,

Im nearing the completion of the car restoration and as ive lost the engine number that came with the car (old owner) and its not currently in my name i have been advised by road transport that i need to fill in the new owner paperwork with the new engine number and go down to a branch of vehicle inspections for them to witness the new engine number.

What i was afraid of was when i went i got the engine number verified and they saw that it was not a standard 2T but a 2TG i.e. is a twin cam with twin carbs and extractors they may say -- "sorry mate, that engine is not allowed -- you need to fill in this form and come back to Regency to go over the pits."

Due to this i sent off paperwork to vehicle standards to see if i could put in the twin cam without going over the pits.

The reply was to state that i can now put in ANY 1600cc twin cam with carbs, however, need to go over the pits.

Are they just trying to raise more revenue or isnt a twin cam allowed in the car without their approval..?

Sorry for the long read but would appreciate what i legal -- thanks for any advice -- Cheers.. :D

Re: Can a standard 2TG be put into a TA22 without permission

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:42 am
by swan86
A 20 percent power increase is allowed without going over the pit and that motor was a option in that chassis so all you have to do is notify them of a engine number change.
When you register the car fill out the paperwork for registration of a unregistered vehicle with all the information you have I would be surprised if they have the chassis or engine number on file because most cars before 1986 it wasn't recorded

Re: Can a standard 2TG be put into a TA22 without permission

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:56 pm
by 1972_flatlight
Thanks Swan86 for the post.. i thought that i may not have needed to go over the pits - however, when you receive a statement of requirement for vehicle modification saying that you do i was unsure.. Especially when i said i believe the engine came out in one of the models and i was not increasing engine capacity but was going for the twin cam variant. I was expecting a notice to say, come down to the other branch of Regency where all they did was verify engine numbers too the VIN..

Unfortunately, the engine number has been recorded against the cars number plates -- already tried filling out the MR1 -- ... tres/forms -- with a 3T engine and they said that first the car must be in my name, which cant be achieved until i have the same spec'd engine that was originally in the car i.e. 2T.

As im putting in a 2T back into the car (different engine) -- they will make me go to have it verified and thats where im hoping they dont say "Sorry Son, Twin cams with carbies etc are not allowed in the car"

Hope the above makes sense..

Re: Can a standard 2TG be put into a TA22 without permission

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 7:37 pm
by St162 gt2
Number inspection place is diffrent to the pits but if you give them a reason to send it to the pits they will
So make sure the cars safe eg seat belt condition legal tyres legal tint no rust that can be easily seen ect
No major oil leaks