Rubbers / seals for Classic Celica's.

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Rubbers / seals for Classic Celica's.

Postby MarcusEstevez » Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:34 pm

So I've been dealing with someone who shall remain nameless about getting rubbers made for RA40's. The price he was asking was $280 just for a rear windshield rubber and it didn't fit the corners properly. A bit pricey I thought...
He refused to give me the details of the company doing them so I could ring and confirm price so I just assumed he is overcharging and pocketing the profit. So today I went on the hunt and asked a few places. As it turns out Rare spares has rubbers for TA22 - RA28 and are just starting to get into making RA40 ones. They already have rears for coupe and liftback, $180 for the very same rubber Mr.Nameless is supplying. They are under new management and they said they have the moulds for RA40 coupe and liftback rear windshield as well as the strip the goes on the inner door card. You can buy them right now and they are cheap.
If people start buying the rear seals from them they will be happy to take some quarter rubbers and door rubbers off of me and make moulds of them too at a reasonable price. Keep's Aussies in business too, Not outsourcing to Thailand ;)
Just contact Rare Spares.

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